Basics Of Scoring Wine

Wine quality and scoring is not determined by where wine comes from or how it is made. Ultimately, wine scoring is determined by certain properties and traits that only an expert wine tester can judge. Here are some of the factors that generally affects how most wines are being scored. Appearance A wine taster initially […]

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Investing In Wine

Some think of wine as just some type of alcoholic drink for the discriminating alcoholic. But there are many others who think about wine differently. Quality bottles of wine are actually being considered by some as an investment. A good reason for this is that a good wine is always in demand and that they […]

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Wine Advocate Wine Scoring System

There are several wine scoring and rating systems being used around the world to determine the quality of wines. Perhaps one of the most influential of them is the Wine Advocate’s Scoring System. This wine scoring system is considered to be one of the most respected wine ratings system today. Robert Parker The Wine Advocate […]

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Wine Score Basics

Wine scores simply provide a means for wine enthusiasts and consumers to determine the quality of a bottle of wine. The wine score can be assigned to a wine by one or more wine critics. The score will provide the critics evaluation of the wine. The higher the score, the higher the quality of wine […]

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Wines Role In Lowering Type 2 Diabetes Risk Studied

Many previous studies have suggested the association between wine and type 2 diabetes risk. New studies have shown that wine does play a role and it might be because of the compounds that are found in grapes. Previous studies seem to note that moderate alcohol drinkers may have lower type 2 diabetes risk because they […]

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Low Alzheimers Risk Linked To Moderate Drinking

Researchers from Spain have suggested that risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease are low among those who consider themselves responsible drinkers and avoid tobacco. The results tend to be more distinct in women, regardless of the choice in alcoholic beverage. The study was conducted by researchers from the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at […]

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