French Study Says Wine Drinkers May Be Healthier

A French study suggests that moderate wine drinkers in several key categories than non-drinkers. The said study is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and may be welcome news for people who enjoy and love wine. Although the said study does provide links between wine and good health, there might be other factors […]

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Sushi and Wine

Contrary to popular belief, sushi is not just about raw fish (that would be sashimi). It signifies anything that is placed on sushi rice. Although raw fish is commonly seen on sushi, certain regions in Japan specializes in placing other meats on sushi like bacon and even horse meat. Thus, pairing sushi and wine depends […]

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Know Your Wine with this Varietal Table

Can’t figure out what to gift a friend who is crazy over wines? How about this Wine Grape Varietal Table by Steve and Deborah De Long? It looks like the periodic table of elements, which we used to study back in Chemistry class, but this time it categorizes the different wine grape varieties all over […]

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Unusual Wine and Food Pairings

Not everybody knows that wine goes best with meat, whether it is dark meat like beef or light meat like fish. Because of this, you cannot blame people when they pair wine with the oddest foods. However, if you are interested to watch a home movie while eating popcorn and drinking a glass of wine, […]

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