Unusual Wine and Food Pairings

Not everybody knows that wine goes best with meat, whether it is dark meat like beef or light meat like fish. Because of this, you cannot blame people when they pair wine with the oddest foods. However, if you are interested to watch a home movie while eating popcorn and drinking a glass of wine, it wouldn’t hurt to know what goes well.

Vegetarian dishes – Vegetable dishes are hard to match with wine for fear that the drink would be too overpowering. However, if we follow the “red with red” rule, we could try matching red wines with heartier dishes like beans, lentils, enchiladas among others. Meanwhile, white wine could go well with green vegetables.

Chinese food – Being a cuisine that was not created with wine in mind, as well as having a wide variety of meats and exotic spices on a single dish, it is tough to come up with a singular wine that matches Chinese food. Most dry European table wines work. Pinot Noir, for instance, goes well with Peking Duck. Another good wine choice is the Gewurztraimmer, or even German Riesling, because of its rich and slightly sweet taste.

Spicy food – Thai dishes, curries, and other hot-and-spicy dishes generally do not make good wine pairing, as alcohol in the wine interacts with the “fiery” flavors, thus creating a burning sensation in the palate. However, if you insist, a modest sparkling wine will do, as well as Beaujolais, American Zinfandel, or Australian Shiraz.

Eggs – The flavors of egg oddly clash with most wines, but it can go well with dry ross and sparkling wines.

Popcorn – Whether it is buttered or plain salted, a bucket of popcorn has a surprisingly tasty match with sparkling wines.
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