French Study Says Wine Drinkers May Be Healthier

WineA French study suggests that moderate wine drinkers in several key categories than non-drinkers. The said study is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and may be welcome news for people who enjoy and love wine. Although the said study does provide links between wine and good health, there might be other factors worth considering in order for the study to shed more light into the relationship between wine and health.

The French study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at various Paris public hospitals. It involved questioning around 150,000 people living in the Paris area. The study found that 13.7 percent of men and 23.9 percent of women did not drink at all. Of those who were drinkers, the study further divided them into four groups according to their level of wine consumption- never, low (less than a glass daily), moderate (less than 3 glasses daily), and heavy (more than 3 glasses daily). All of the participants also underwent a series of health tests.

The results showed that women who drank moderate amounts of alcohol also had lower body mass index, waist measurements, blood pressure and blood lipids. Male moderate drinkers also showed the same results as well as better blood sugar levels and lower stress and depression scores.

Despite the results, the researchers also reiterate that most moderate drinkers also tend to follow a healthier lifestyle such as following healthier diets, exercise more and strike up a better work and leisure balance. It means that it is not wine consumption alone that would suggest better and improved health. Other factors may also come into play and may require further study.


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